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Tabla Solo

with Nagma/Lehra

Tabla is one of the most complete percussion instrument in the world. Indian rhythms are very vast in it's reportoire, from a poetical to complex, emotionfull to mathematical it covers all the area in solo playing. A must listen experience.

mantra group

a mantra singing duo/group. Started up 7 years back and today one of the most reputed duo in Europe. Ashvins covers mantra/devotional songs (composed by themselves) inspired from all over the world and maked there own reportoire.  Ashvins live concerts are a deep experience for the audience.... 

Santoor recital 

                       with Tabla

Santoor is a 100 strings instrument known as "Sata tantri veena" in a Santoor recital one can hear a elaborated Raga together with sacred rhythm of Tabla. Together they create a painting of melody & rhythm. This music creates a deep effect in ourselves with harmony, silence, inner joy and peace. A rather 'must experience' in todays chaotic world.

PanditTarun Bhattacharya 

Pandit Sandip Bhattacharya

Santoor & Tabla

Pandit Sugato Bhaduri
Pandit Sandip Bhattacharya Mandolin & Tabla
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