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My journey of Rhythm and very dear instrument Tabla begins with my beloved GURU Pandit Shree Ishwarlal Mishra.

Benaras a holy city and the capital of spirituality brought me learning experience with my master.

Pandit Sandip Bhattacharya

Pandit Sandip Bhattacharya Netherland based a versatile and creative musician. He loves and works with all genre of music.

As a composer he takes inspiration from music around the globe and creates his own music.  

Watching/listening his live concerts or studio recordings are a treat for the people.

Performs with top Indian classical, world Jazz, ethenic musicians around the globe. 

Has recorded more then 40 cd's from different countries. 

Has performed for Dutch queen & entire family in the Royal Dutch Palace with live t.v. telecast.  

A loving teacher/Guru who enjoy's his several disciples success of creating there own beautiful musical path......


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