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n a a d

m e d i t a t i o n

The sound of the Cosmos can resonate within if one 'tunes into this energy'. Only by following the rules of nature and realising the patterns-disciplines of the cosmos, can one find this hidden energy of internal sound. Only through meditation, external singing and reciting can the random noise in the mind be subdued. 

This internal noise that normally overwhelms the mind can be silenced and one can enjoy and hear the 'anhad Naad' (unheard sound)

Naad is vibration within the mind


Discover the power of the sound through a session

15 €

(In a group)


mantra has the power to

make the impossible to possible. 
mantra reciting proper way can change an unfavourable situation into a favourable one.
20 €
(In a group)


sound can be harmonious or disharmonious. Sound that resonates within and brings one to connect with deeper self is the right one. Listening spec. sound chosen for the particular person is the key point

50 €


Listening to certain mantra with full attentions opens up the inner deep self and reconnects. Through a private session or a group session one can experience that

50 €